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Facial Treatments Price List

Specialized Facials

Product use during facials ASAP and

All facials 1+ Hour 

Anti-ageing treatment Facial $65

Antioxidant Facial $65

Bliss for Sensitive Skin $65

Revitalizing Facial $65

Ultimate Hydration Facial $65

Rejuvenating Facial $65

Acne treatment Facial $65

Ultimate Hydrating Facial $65

Express Facial (15-30 min) $35

Microdermabrasion (Microplus+)

ASAP- Facial treatments

Revitalising Facial combined with Microdermabrasion Treatment 1.5 hours

Acne treatment $120

Anti-ageing treatment $120

Complete skin rejuvenation $125

Super hydration treatment $125

Microdermabrasion Treatments

1 x Single MD Treatment $75

4 x MD Treatments $375

(Purchase 4 MD treatments & receive 5th MD treatment Free + complimentary mask

Peels Treatments

All peels are ASAP products

Lactic Peel $65

Exfoliates, target pigmentation & sun damages

While providing hydration

Glycolic Peel $65

Loosen &remove the outermost layer of the

Dead skin cells, treats uneven pigment & acne

Reveal Peel $65

AHA/BHA blends, ideal for mature skin, deeply

exfoliates & hydrates.

Course of 4 pre-purchase peels $200

Course of 3 pre purchase peels $150

Microplus+ Facial Peels

App peels ASAP products 

Ultimate lactic experience $140

Anti-ageing peel boost $140

(glycolic & Lactic peel)

Reveal Acne treatment $140

Complete Reveal skin rejuvenation $145

Eye Treatments

Eye lash tint $18

Eyebrow tint $15

Lash & brow tint $25

Eyebrow shaping $15

Eyelash & brow tint/shape $35